1898  J & C Fischer Piano

1898 J & C Fischer Piano


For sale is this 1898 J & C Fischer Victorian Style Upright Piano with Ivory Keys, unrestored but in very nice original condition. Serial Number is 109093. This instrument has its normal dings and hits over the last 123 years but works, sounds and still looks great. This piano is very clean looking and was made to last. The Brass Plate inside is just amazing (see picture 6).  

More information:
This Victorian upright piano is from the height of the lavish Victorian era. It was built by the prominent J & C Fischer piano company of New York in 1898. J & C Fischer built high quality, expensive pianos from 1840-1982, one of the few American piano manufacturers to survive well over a century. According to the original sales catalog, this piano was sold as a Victorian Style Upright and was available in Rosewood, Burl Walnut, and Mahogany. This instrument is made of Burl Walnut and Mahogany.  According to the catalog it would have sold new for $950 in 1898, the cost of a small house! Note the amazing details which speak for the high quality of this piano.
We thought about restoring it 8 years ago but didn't do it as I was into restoring Coke Machines at the time. It has sat in our garage covered except for religiously twice a year waxing and cleaning.
FOB is Rialto, CA 92377.
I can give you the name of a carrier I've used for over 10 years, they specialize in these kind of moves or the buyer (you) can handle your own shipping, either way, I'm here to help. 
Year: 1898
Serial No: 109093
Finish: Walnut, Mahogony
Keys: Ivory